Court Proceedings

If you have been charged with an offence that will be subject to court proceedings, Jonathan Lynch can provide you with the assistance that you need.

Jonathan Lynch can represent you during proceedings in the following courts:

• Court Martial

• Service Civilian Court

• Summary Appeal Court

• Court Martial Appeal Court

• Magistrates Court

• Crown Court

In relation to ‘military court’ proceedings, this service is available wherever in the world the court case will be heard, although the main military court centres are in Bulford (UK), Catterick (UK), Cyprus and Germany.

As a ‘solicitor advocate’, Jonathan Lynch can personally represent you during these proceedings as the litigator and advocate. Where it is deemed advantageous to you, however, a barrister can be instructed for the advocacy element of the case and Jonathan Lynch will act as the litigator. 

Service personnel are able to apply for funding through the Armed Forces Criminal Legal Aid Authority for military court proceedings - Jonathan Lynch would then be instructed to represent with ‘legal aid’ funding. Alternatively, a ‘private fee’ agreement can be reached with Jonathan Lynch, although service personnel are encouraged to apply for ‘legal aid’ in all cases. For all proceedings in the civilian courts, whilst ‘legal aid’ might be available, Jonathan Lynch can only provide his services under a ‘prviate fee’ agreement. Please see the ‘Funding’ page for more details or contact Jonathan Lynch directly to discuss your options.

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