Service Complaints

If you are still serving or you are a former member of the British Armed Forces and you feel that you have been treated unfairly or ‘career fouled’ by your chain of command or someone else within the military when you were subject to military law, you can make a ’service complaint’. This can include complaints about bullying, harassment, discrimination and biased, improper or dishonest behaviour.

Service complaints are covered by JSP 831, which should be read by anyone who is considering making a service complaint before engaging the services of a lawyer. Informal advice about service complaints or the issues that could give rise to a service complaint can also be obtained from local human resources staff, such as the Welfare Officer and Eqaulity and Diversity Officer. It might be that issues can be resolved informally, so it is also better to seek such assistance before engaging the services of a lawyer.

Should you decide that you need formal legal assistance, however, Jonathan Lynch can assist you. 

‘Legal aid’ is not available for service complaints. As such, a ‘private fee’ agreement will be needed if you wish to have the services of a lawyer. Please see the ‘Funding’ page for details or contact Jonathan Lynch directly. 

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