Summary Hearings

If you have been charged with an offence that will be heard by your Commanding Officer or Officer Commanding at a ‘Summary Hearing’, you are not entitled to have a legal representative present during the proceedings and there is no option to obtain funding through the Armed Forces Criminal Legal Aid Authority. Jonathan Lynch, however, can provide you with advice and assistance prior to going into the summary hearing and advice after the summary hearing in relation to whether or not you have a realistic prospect of appeal. Should you then appeal, Jonathan Lynch can represent you during the Summary Appeal Court procedure.

Where possible, advice and assistance prior to the summary hearing service will be provided 'pro bono' (i.e. for no financial reward).

Should you decide to appeal the outcome of the Summary Hearing, funding from the Armed Forces Criminal Legal Aid Authority (that is, ‘legal aid’) is ordinarily available.

Please see the ‘Funding’ page for further details or contact Jonathan Lynch directly. 

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